Do you like Patek Philippe replica watches perpetual calendar

I like perpetual calendars, but I don’t like almanacs. I always feel that almanacs are a compromise. It's so bad. Why bother? Although, I know that the big names that produce calendars are not impossible to make perpetual calendars. In fact, like PP (replicaPatek Philippe, Patek Philippe) and Lange, they do the perpetual calendar first and then the annual calendar. To be more practical, I just want to make more money, the high-end must be occupied, and the mid-range and low-end must also be occupied. Since the positioning has been divided into upper and lower positions in advance, replica watches the result must be high and low. If nothing else, just talk about the dial design. It must be better for the perpetual calendar. For example, 5146, very good design, but at least in my eyes, 5140 is better, and not only a little bit.

I'm very tired of the flooded tourbillon, especially the over-designed tourbillon, which seems to reveal such a sense of urgency for money, such as Jerome Romain's Titanic Day & Night. The earliest design was that there was no hour and minute hands at all, and there were only two on the dial. A tourbillon rotates one during the day and one at night, so it is called Day & Night. When reading, you can only read about it, day or night. Later, the design was changed, and a sub-dial for the hour and minute hand was added, and finally the hour can be read.

I like the FPJ calendar, precisely because of his uncompromising. He once said (the general idea is as follows) that most customers who can afford a perpetual calendar actually don't understand watches or how to use a perpetual calendar. It would be a waste to make a perpetual calendar for them. Therefore, out of respect for watches, he only makes annual calendars, not perpetual calendars. Obviously, like him, a master of resonance and self-sufficiency, wouldn't it be easy to make a perpetual calendar? Later, perhaps the radical method worked, he finally made a perpetual replica Breitling calendar Octa Perpetuelle, limited to 99 pieces. The appearance is almost the same as the Octa Canlendrier. But just looking at the appearance, I still prefer Octa Canlendrier.