In addition to the replica Rolex Water Ghost, what other hot models

Rolex replica watches are unique in the minds of Chinese people. When you mention replica Rolex, many watch fans will immediately think of the Rolex Water Ghost series and Daikin Lao. Today, the editor of Wanhu will chat with you. In addition to the Water Ghost series, there are Which are the popular models of fake Rolex.

The Black Water Ghost is a watch introduced to fill the huge vacancy of the Green Water Ghost in the market, but it is not a "black gold", but black ceramic. Blackwater ghosts are also very good sellers. There are two types of people who buy blackwater ghosts: one is those who can't buy green water ghosts, and the other is people who like blackwater ghosts. Not only is its price cheaper than Green Water Ghost, it is also much easier to get started.

Daytona is a hard product in fake Rolex. Currently on sale are the new ice blue chestnut ring Daytona, precious metal Daytona and some other styles. The best-selling one is undoubtedly the black disc steel model. Tong Na, commonly known as "Hei Gang Di". Most Daytona watches are made of precious metals or intermediate gold, which are expensive, and there are fewer steel models with lower prices. Mao Zedong once owned a gold daytona (sent from the Swiss delegation), and Lu Han and Ruby Lin had also worn rose gold daytona.

Replica Rolex Explorer has two series: one is Explorer type and the other is Explorer type II. The Explorer-type design is simple and classic. It is a very basic daily watch. The black dial is also very versatile. The Explorer-type II is more classic and more popular. Currently, there are only two types of white and black plates in this series. . Its classic is that the orange pointer on the dial is very prominent, and it is equipped with the brand's patented automatic movement 3187, which is a classic work in fake Rolex watches.

Yacht-Master is a highly professional functional watch among replica Rolex watches, including Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II. The first generation is relatively simple and has no professional functions, while the second generation has a 10-minute countdown. Features. The second generation is also the watch with the most complicated appearance in all fake Rolex watches, which is mainly reflected in the messy dial.